Vakarė’s Creation by Vakarė Baliūnaitė, 11, Alizava of Kupiškis district, Lithuania
My Christmas Feelings by Maram, 11, Tunisia
Fauve Self-Portrait by Diamond, 12, Charlotte, NC, USA
My Personal Face Mask by Karolína S., 12, Olomouc, The Czech Republic
Preparing for the Grinch Party by Eric Thompson, 12, Utah, USA
Christmas Angels for My Family by Anastasiya Kontsova, 13, Kursk, Russia
Garage Mural – Family Guy by Alexandra Cohen, 14, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Cast Off the Second Face by Ema K., 15, Olomouc, The Czech Republic
Socially distanced celebration by Eva, 16, Seattle, WA, USA
Best Part of My Vacation by Bárbara Madrid, 17, Portugal
Christmas with Safety by Pedro Carvalho, 18, Portugal
A Woman with Domestic Tools by Malang, 19, The Gambia
My Self-Portrait by Ebrima, The Gambia
Culture is Not Dead by a group of students, age 11-19, together with their teacher Petr Papica, Šternberk Grammar School, Šternberk, The Czech Republic

Anime by Mariana Prosperi, 11, Edmonds, WA, USA
My Handmade Christmas Decoration by Murad Kukharenko, 11, Kursk, Russia
Sweet New Year Gifts by Daria Kataeva, 12, Kursk, Russia
The Unity Flair by Ruchira Prasad, 12, Blaine, MN, USA
Valerie D., 13, Gymnázium Uničov, The Czech Republic
My Christmas Gift to Mom by Alina Naumova, 13, Kursk, Russia
Virtual Gingerbread House Decorating by Molly Mesec, 14, WA, USA
Holiday Art by Cindy, 15, USA
Red Pandas Play by Burke, 15, Seattle, WA, USA
Blood Money by Max Stroup, 16, Seattle, WA, USA
Warm Nights by Gabrielle, 17, Seattle, WA, USA
Imaginative Drawing by Abdoulie, The Gambia
Beauty for the Holidays by Michelle Cao, 18, Seattle, WA, USA
Improving My Cooking Skills during these Holidays by Jalika, 19, The Gambia
2020 Christmas Holidays by Laura Jacob, 18, Portugal