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My New Year Plate For My Family by Aliya Galenkamp, 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Sweet Christmas Tree by Elizaveta Soshnikova, 8, Kursk, Russia
Monster by Vivek, 8, Charlotte, NC, USA
How I Have Decorated My Room by Yanina Polyanskaya, 8, Kursk, Russia
Christmas Holy Converse Sneaker by Laila, 8, Charlotte, NC, USA
An Unusual Christmas Decoration by Anna Miryuk, 9, Kursk, Russia
Keep Drawing, Enjoy the Beauty by Varvara Proskourina, 9, from Kiev, Ukraine
Gingerbread House by Kal, 9, Charlotte, NC, USA
I Dream of Going Back to School by Yunisha Tamang, 9, Nepal
A Letter to Our Soldiers by Izaan, 10, Charlotte, NC, USA
My Christmas Baking by Haylee Jeppson, 10, from Utah, USA
My Cinnamon Twists by Torrey Jeppson, 8, Utah, USA
Prepared for Christmas by Alex Tamang, 8, Nepal
I love drawing by Maxim Emelyanov, 8, Kharkov, Ukraine
New Year Windows by Vladislava Gerina-Voyuikina, 9, Kursk, Russia
My 2020 Christmas Full of Joy, Kindness, Sharing, and Family and Friends by Lottie Robertson, 9, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
The Moonlight Above the River by Anna Stetsishina, 9, Kharkov, Ukraine
Let It Snow by Timia, 9, Charlotte, NC, USA
Who I Am by Sofia, 9, Charlotte, NC, USA
Merry Christmas by Navia, 9, Charlotte, NC, USA
Friends by Kelly Johnson, 10, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
December 2020. An Open Swimming Pool in Florence by Miriam Tagliaferri, 10, Florence, Italy
Youth Center Students’ Homemade Christmas Decorations by Sandra K.,10, Klara G.,10, Kamila S.,13, Marysia C.,9, Alicja P.,11, Ania W.,10, Nina K.,9, Piekary Śląskie, Poland

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