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Snappy Makes Us Aware by Manmeet and Maanveer Bhalla, Buffalo, NY, USA
Janusz Korczak by Aiste, 9, and Simas, 6, together with their grandmother Audrone, Vaiteliai, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Yaroslav Trynkin, 3, with his mother, Russia
Before and After’ by Azeez, 7, and his family, Navi Mumbai, India
Brothers together during the COVID time by Arturo Roldan, 8, and Carlos Roldan, 11, Snohomish, WA, USA
What I did together with my mother, Souguir Khadija, 6, Sousse, Tunisia
Homemade Soap Bubbles by the family – Emilis M., 11; Gabrielius M., 5, and their mother Daiva M., Kupiskis, Lithuania
“Puppet Theater” by Milana K., 10 and Miron K., 7, Wilsonville, OR, USA
Memory Game”, Mitay, 5 and Alex, 3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Before, during and after COVID-19, Jack, 4 with his grandmother, Austin, Texas, USA

“Annabel’s Coronavirus Storytime – The Three Little Pigs”, Annabel, 6, with her father, Vancouver, BC., Canada

“When the Coronavirus Hits Legotown” (Abbr.) by Madeline, 15; Claire, 12; Jonah, 10; and Landry, 7, WA, USA

International Expressions of Kindness: Multimedia Showcase

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