Our Snowman – Sid by the Trynkin family – Yaroslav, 3, and his parents Olga and Pavel from Russia
Sisters’ Snowman by Kennedy, 5, and Torrey Jeppson, 8, South Dakota, USA
Together with Mom It Is So Much Fun by Matvei Ukraintsev, 8, Kursk, Russia
From Our Family to Yours – Happy New Year by the Galenkamp Family – Elina, 10; Aliya, 8; Vita, 5, and Timur, 4 months, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our Family Christmas Traditions by Sophia Minakova, 11, and Max Minakov, 16. MN, USA
Fight for BLM by Mariam A., 12, Safa A., 11, and Suheila A., 13, MN, USA
A Quarantine Sauna by Max Minakov, 16, together with his dad, MN, USA
New Year is a Family Holiday by Daniil Kalutsky, 7, Kursk, Russia
Making Christmas Decorations by the Thompson family from Utah, USA: Amara, 4; Joycelyn, 4; Kaytlen, 7; Lincoln, 7; Adam, 14
Our Wonderful Gingerbread House by two sisters – Hannah, 9 and Gabriella Smith, 7, South Dakota, USA
May Your Christmas Be Warm by Dain Aldredge, 11, Daniel Aldredge, 8, and Zahra Aldredge, 8, South Dakota, USA
Together It Always Feels Great by Elizaveta Ananyeva, 14, Yegor Ananyev, 10, and Anastasia Ananyeva, 8, Kursk, Russia
We Love Our Big Brother by the Aquirre Family – Andrew, Brianna, 13, and Aurora, 10, Burlington, WA, USA
Kankiling Tournament and Festival by the Kankiling Family, Brikama Town, The Gambia