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WEEK 3. Age Group 11-13

A workshop of three groups has been created and students shared their different opinions on a large white paper. Some use writing or drawing to share their view. From their responses we can notice that to create an atmosphere of kindness, we must love each other, be tolerant, provide donations, and forget bad issues. All the majority drew a heart because according to them the heart symbolizes the love of everyone. This is why they said that the real symbol of kindness remains because you can’t love and at the same time be in conflict with others.

WEEK 4. Age Group 11-13

From Toti Jean-Marc Yalé… I started with explaining the goal of Theme #4 to the students and invited them to share their opinions on how to provide care for their families, community, and elder people. We also discussed different actions that we could take to preserve good relationships in our families and community. The examples of children’s reactions are in these two videos. The students also decided to clean the schoolyard to show their care to the community. What is more, other kids from the community who are not part of our school students joined them too in this operation. It was wonderful! I appreciate this curriculum a lot. All schools in the world must teach it.

Theme 1, Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, teacher Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

During the last week, Mr. Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre worked with his students on the first Theme, titled “Cheering up or entertaining others.” He wrote down the theme on the blackboard and invited his students to share their opinions on thsi topic. The students’ responses are similar because for the children cheering up others means sharing love, respect, and encouragement. It also means helping others and being friendly. After the students wrote down how they felt about the topic, they discussed it together with the teacher.

Our Lithuanian team has just accomplished Theme 1

Alizavos secondary school, Kupiškis district, Lithuania

Theme 1. Entertaining Others, Grade 6,

Teacher Danutė Miknevičienė

Week 2. Theme 2

Grade 10, Alizavos secondary school, Kupiškis district, Lithuania

This week, students participated in the celebration of the European Day of Languages, translating the text “Kindness is the strongest force, and a smile can move mountains” into different languages. The students’ works decorated the walls of the school. Since autumn is already in full blossom here, the days are darker and gloomier, the students came up with the idea of ​​looking for smiles and words of kindness in the outdoor spaces. They created words and smiles from natural materials, leaves, pinecones, or flowers, even two little people made of pebbles gave each other warmth in the form of a red heart. Even nature itself smiles at us with a rainbow. 


Theme 1. Teacher Jasenka Tisucki, School “August Cesarec,” Ivankovo

Theme 2. Teacher Jasenka Tisucki, School “August Cesarec,” Ivankovo

Week 1. Cheering-up or Entertaining Others. Grade 5A, III. Osnovna Škola, Varaždin

Week 2. Mini-Kindness Boost, Grades 2-3, III. Osnovna Škola, Varaždin. Coordinator Valentina Habunek Mrazović

Theme 2. Super Kindness Boost. Grade 2, III. Osnovna Škola, Varaždin

The students watched a recommended video where the girl Tanishi was signing and dancing. They were closely looking at Tanishi’s clothes and skin color, noticing similarities. On the globe they showed India, and then one student said that it is in Asia and that many people live there. When watching the video for the first time, the students were very quiet. They liked the song, and translated it into Croatian. Gradually, with music and movement, they happily imitated Tanisha’s movement and joined her. Three students did not want to get involved right away. A girl who was new to the class said she was too shy to dance, but later on she joined in too. We did a similar activity listening to the composition by C. Saint-Saens, Tortoise. The composition is slow and encourages the expression of slow movements, and gradually all students surrendered to the music. They shared their feelings of satisfaction and beauty, although some were still a little embarrassed.

Next day we will repeat the activity with a discussion of the theme of relaxation and creation of beauty and kindness through observation of nature and the aesthetics of dancing. We will connect both activities and point out that the beauty of expression unites us and encourages kindness. Tanishi inspired us to be beautiful and kind, so we can inspire others. A possible idea is to rehearse this dance and encourage other school students to join us.

USA. Week 4. Contributing to the family/community. Age Group 14-18

Jeff Weber and his students, Brea Olinda High School, Brea, CA