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Riding the truck to see the Christmas lights by Kennedy Jeppson, 5, Utah, USA
A New Year Mask by Andrei Cherenkov, 7, Kursk, Russia
I have Been Decorating My Christmas Tree by Andrei Petrov, 7, Kursk, Russia
My Beautiful Christmas Tree by Yekaterina Skrynnikova, 7, Kursk, Russia
Celebrating the New Year together with my beautiful cousin by Randal Leid Dominguez, 8, and Natalia Dominguez, 7, Roza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico
Decorating My Christmas Tree by Anatoly Belanov, 8, Kursk, Russia
Sweet December by Liam, 9, Switzerland
My Handmade Clay Christmas Tree Decorations by Alexandra Shakhova, 11, Kursk, Russia
My Beautiful Christmas Tree by Timothy Altukhov, 12, Kursk, Russia
City Lights by Felix, Seattle, WA, USA
Our First Snowman Watching the Sunset by Adam Thompson, 14, Utah, USA
Ebey’s Landing by Lillian H., 17, Seattle, WA, USA

Preparing for the New Year! by Sebastian Aldredge, 5, South Dakota, USA
A New Year Masked Ball by Valeria Kobzar, 7, Kursk, Russia
A Handmade Christmas Mask by Maria Smirnova, 7, Kursk, Russia
This is My New Year Outfit by Kirill Stepanov, 7, Kursk, Russia
A Handmade New Year Decoration out of the Newspapers by Anastasia Dedova, 8, Kursk, Russia
My Unusual Christmas Decorations by Anastasia Kononykhina, 9, Kursk, Russia
Practicing at Home and in Nature by Elina Galenkamp, 10, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Decorating My Christmas Tree at Home by Anna Bondareva, 11, Kursk, Russia
Winter by Karel Š., 12, Czech Republic
New Year is Just Around the Corner by Nikoloz Mirimanov, 13, Kursk, Russia
My Christmas during the Pandemic by Julie K., 16, Hlučín, The Czech Republic
Horizons by Egidijus Ablėnas, 16, Alizava of Kupiškis district,
Butterfly Named Lillian by Eric Han, 17, Washington State, USA
Broken Christmas by Rita Falcão, 17, Portugal

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