Video. Age Groups: 11-13 and 14-18 years old

What kindness means to me by Gabriel Cimpoesu, 11 years old, Romania
I Believe, a song by Katya Yegorova, 11 years old, Russia
Let’s protect nature by 9 students from Alizava Basic School, Lithuania
You are in charge of your little friends by 10 students from Alizava Basic School, Lithuania
My favorite pet by Ruben P., 12 years old, Russia
“The pursuit of happyness” by Ann R., 15 years old, Russia
Kindness and what it means to us by Daria K. and Polina K., 13 years old, Russia
What is a kind teacher? By Arina Sh., 13 years old, Russia
Express Kindness by a group of students from Grade 11, PITL ONISIFOR Ghibu, Chisinau, with their teacher Cernei Kristina, Turculet Gheorghe, Republic of Moldova
Celebrate kindness by a group of students, 16-17, and their teacher Olga Florescu, Chișinău, Moldova
It doesn’t take much to be kind by Alexia Mihniova, 17 years old, Republic of Moldova
An article on kindness by Shreya, 14 years old, India A story of kindness by Lovely G., 14 years old, India
Wonder, a book review by Serene Gan, 16 years old, Malaysia
Be Hopeful: Village School Aid Campaign, students, 14-17, Koç High Boarding School, Istanbul, Turkey
Ceramic Hawaiian Coral Reef Project by the students and Ms. Kristi Gibbs, Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle school, Lihue, HI, USA
Free Hugs Adriana Parente, Anita Batista, Iara Ribeiro, Tiago Borgesa, 12, & Lidia Branco, Portugal Welcome to the Kindness project by Lídia Branco with the students Clara Telmo and Marta Monteiro, 11years old, Vila Real, Portugal
Different ways of expressing kindness by Andreia U., 14 year old, Vadul Lui Vodă, Republic of Moldova Here is my image of a good teacher by Nazar K., 13 years old, Russia
Kindness week with a message by a group of students and their teacher Victoria Isac, from Mihai Eminescu school, Cantemir, Republic of Moldova, A magic wand by Anushka A., 10 years old, India
A message on kindness by Hopetown Girl’s School Principal Ms Maya Norula, India Preparing to perform an ALOHA song by a group of middle school students, Lihue, Kauai, HI, USA
Teaching each other by a group of children, 11-12 years old, Port au Prince, Haiti
My favorite film character by Knyzhova, 15 years old, Russia
Talking about being kind to people by Alexia Bado, 11 years old, Burkina Faso
Learning about media literacy and becoming aware of what’s what in the world by Jonas, 12 years old, Burkina Faso
A thank you note to my teacher by Siddhika A., 14 years old, India Helping friends by Salsa R., 14 years old, India Stop bullying by a group of students: Laibah K., 12, Devyanshi W., 14, and Riddhi A., 12, India The scouts by Marta Mourão and Guilherme Pires, 11 years old, and Professor Lídia Branco, Vila Real, Portugal
How to be kind? By Sabina Dragomir, 14 years old, Vadul lui Voda, Republic of Moldova My kind teacher by Yekaterina Pashkova, 13 years old, Russia What is kindness by Aima Sh., 14 years old, India Kindness through a message by Simar S., 14 years old, India
Learning media, expressing kindness, by a group, 8-12 years old, organized by EducommunicAfrik, Burkina Faso A Thank you note by Sukanya Gupta, 14 years old, India
Video Heroes in the Pandemic – Ivo, 11, Adam, 10, Patricie, 18, et al., Nová Včelnice Czech Republic
ALOHA Project by a group of students and their art teacher Ms. Kristi Gibbs, Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle school, Lihue, HI, USA