Our Child-Generated Kindness Curricula Supplemental Materials are ready for use as a pilot project. We have accumulated a group of 40+ creative teachers from public, charter, and private K-12 schools worldwide – Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, El Salvador, Haiti, Italy, Lithuania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Portugal, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, and Venezuela.

During the pilot phase from September to December 2022 we hope to receive sufficient data about how our curricula impact student learning before we make these materials “live” for everyone in February of 2023. For more information and the details of the participants and materials, please click here.

“The kind will inherit the earth. … Kindness is compassion in action.” 

Amit Sood, 2013

To the participants of the International Expressions of Kindness Multimedia Showcase

Dear project participants!

The project is now over. We are very grateful for all your wonderful submissions that came from 45 countries around the world. We have received over 1,000 entries created by 1,800 + participants. You can find all entries on this website and read my final report here.

We are practically done with issuing and emailing certificates but if you haven’t received yours, please contact us at kindnessexpressions@gmail.com and indicate your first and last name, as well as the title and category of your submission.

With appreciation and very best wishes to all of you,

Dr. Tatyana Tsyrlina-Spady, Project Director and International Coordinator


Important News!

We announce a new title, the Kindness Champion that would be awarded to different categories of individuals or groups determined by the Project Action team together with the Youth Board to acknowledge those who:

  1. Were the first to submit the project from their own country/state/school. For example, Kindness Champion in Poland, or Oregon Kindness Champion (USA), or Alizava Basic School Kindness Champions (Lithuania). 
  2. Submitted the entry which was the most meaningful to inspire others to action.
  3. Entered the project that has made a difference either in someone’s life or in the life of animals, or in the preservation of nature and a healthy environment.
  4. Proved to be the most active coordinators in their country and generated a large number of entries.

After the due date we will also select and celebrate the youngest project participants, the participants from war zones, and the authors of the most original projects. Names of all champions will be published gradually on the website and special Champion certificates will be sent via email to each of them. The logo on the Certificate has been produced by our Project Youth Board. We expect that these champions will serve as true advocates of kindness in their circle of friends and beyond.

Congratulations to our Kindness Champions who were the first in their own country to submit an entry: Sophia, 12, USA; David, 12, Romania; Katya, 11, Russia; Tejae, 12, Trinidad and Tobago; Akeza, 11, Rwanda; Roehann, 5, Philippines; Farooq, 10, Bangladesh; Annabel, 8, Canada; Yassine, 14, Tunisia; Kean, 13, Mozambique; Paul, 5, France; Caleb, 8, Mexico; Sofia, 12, Ukraine; Mariama, 13, The Gambia; Cora, 11, China; Vita, 6, The Netherlands; Zani, 9, Switzerland; Lottie, 11, United Kingdom; Kossua Esther Emmanuella Adjoumani, Cote d’Ivoire; Sahibjit Singh Bhullar, India; Isabella, 17, New Zealand; Isaac, 17, Australia; Latif, 15, Uganda; Justiniano, 18, Dominican Republic; Salman, 4, Saudi Arabia; Wiadzo, 17, Czech Republic; Iveel, 7, Mongolia; Nathan, 4, South Korea.

Congratulations to the first adult Kindness Champions, the most active coordinators in their own country: Irina Belienė and Danutė Miknevičienė,  Lithuania; Kristina Cernei and Nadejda Simion,  Republic of Moldova; Melinda Pierson, USA and Haiti; Verica Jukić, Croatia; Joanna Przybylska, Poland; Tatiana Serova, Ukraine; Chintamani Yogi and Samrat Yogi, Nepal; Mylene Tapiador, The Philippines; Estela Carrera-Infante and Nancy Webster, USA; Milandre Vlok, South Africa; Toti Jean-Marc Yalé, Cote d’Ivoire; Mayasari Abdul Majid, Malaysia; Zakir Hossain, Bangladesh, Croatia, Malaysia, Switzerland; Ramandeep, India; Veronica Veretennikova, Russia; Kristi Gibbs, USA; Cristiana de Sousa Pizarro Bravo Madureira, Mozambique.

Congratulations to the first submitters in their state in the United States: Elsa, 15, WA; Brooke, 15, CA; Reid, 10, and Emerie, 12, AZ; Fiona, 6, HI; Olivia, 9, Luke, 7, and Will, 7, OH; Rachel, 12, MA.

Congratulations to our first Kindness Champion in the category: Inspired Others for Action. Grace K., 8 years old, managed to inspire many students in Mukilteo Elementary School to create 150 friendship bracelets along with heart drawings and cards for Ukrainian refugee children.

The logo on the Kindness Champion Certificate has been created by our Youth Board

The International Expressions of Kindness has been initiated by the NW Center for Excellence in Media Literacy, College of Education, University of Washington, and the nonprofit organization Action for Media Education

The project is done in partnership with Child Rights in Action, International Council for Media Literacy, National Association for Media Literacy Education, International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) Region 9 – International Schools, and Wisdom Thinkers Network.

We also received endorsements from the following individuals, national and international organizations and groups:

Marta Santos Pais, child rights lawyer, and a former UN Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children.

The Evolved Nest
Janusz Korczak Society of Russia
Janusz Korczak Association of Canada
Daktaro Janušo Korčako centras / Doctor Janusz Korczak Centre (Lithuania)
International Korczak Association
Film Access Northumberland, and EducommunicAfrik.

Ripple Kindness Effect: One school student initiating friendship bracelets for Ukrainian refugee children in Europe

Certificates Received

Step-by-step guidelines that explain how to submit are available in English here, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Interested in downloading the project flyer in 16 different languages, click here, it will bring you to the International Coordinators page and scroll to the bottom of this page.

Curious to learn more about the project results? Download the Final Report.

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