Family Projects

This is still so very complicated

by the Nekrasov family, Ukraine

Every day, we are watching TV, talking with our father, and waiting for one sentence only, The war is over… We so much want to stop crying and if we have tears, then let them be only the tears of joy!

Praying for Ukraine

by Monsarret Carrillo, 9 years old, Augustine Carrillo, 10 years old, and their mother Teresa Carrillo, Kenmore, WA, USA

The family has put together drawings and posters calling for peace in Ukraine.

20 kindnesses on their 20th anniversary

by the siblings K., 14 years old, M., 11 years old, and J., 9 years old, Pennsylvania, USA

We want to share how much kindness our parents share with us and others as celebration of their 20th anniversary.

There is nothing stronger than our love

by siblings Cezar, 5 years old, and Sabina, 14 years old, Moldova

We want to show that the feeling of love between brother and sister is the strongest in the world. The brother is the person who is always with you and will never leave you.

Praying for our Ukrainian friends!

by siblings Olivia, 9 years old, Luke, 7 years old, and Will, 5 years old, Ohio, USA

We wanted the children from Ukraine to know we are praying for them. We want to help in any way we can and we hope this brings them small comfort that other kids around the world are thinking of them.

My favorite little sister

by Romy, 7 years old, and Shay, 3 years old, Israel

I was on the trip and felt bad without seeing my little sister every day. When we finally came back, I was so happy to meet her again. She is so sweet and funny, and I love being with her and helping her at home and on the playground.

I love my mom!

by Brisa, 9 years old, and her mother Blanca Quintana, WA, USA

My mom is very kind to me and to everyone who suffers. She prays for peace in Ukraine.

A message of peace for Ukraine

I made this video with my mom, because I wanted to send a message of Peace to the boys and girls who are suffering from the war in Ukraine today. I want there to be PEACE.

by Liam Hermoso, 4 years old, and his mother Angeyeimar Gil, Venezuela

Making our home beautiful!

by David Dumitru, 12 years old, together with Marian, Elena Madalina, and Petru Rotaru, Romania

The rescue of a hedgehog

It is a big hedgehog that Lottie and Tilly found in their garden while the hale storm was on. They took it home and contacted a rescue team as the  hedgehog looked poorly. It was their act of kindness and they wanted to share it with the world.

by sisters, Lottie Kmita Robertson, 9, and Tilly Kmita Robertson, 11, United Kingdom

Christmas tree for animals

by sisters Kotryna, 11, and Fausta, 4 years old, Lithuania

The idea was my own. When it was the first day of Christmas I thought what if animals in the forest would have a Christmas tree. My sister wanted to help, so did my dad. We all hung up food for the animals and there we go! On each twig, like a Christmas toy, we hung a piece of bread and a couple of apples. Under the Christmas tree we added carrots, potatoes, and a couple more fruits. As we left, we breathed fresh forest air. By doing good deeds, we become better ourselves. Thank you for this project I will make sure to always participate in it!!

We are strong together!

by Gustas, 11 years old, Salomėja Neris Primary School, and his brothers, Lithuania.

We are best friends and we can’t live without each other. We love our little brother very much. He is 5 years old. We help each other no matter what. We are like a fist, together we are strong.

We love cooking and spending time together

by twins Max and Connor, 11 years old, and Fiona, 6 years old, USA

Helping Grandma

by Salman Alaql, 4 years old, and the grandmother together, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

It’s a fun easy activity to let the kids help their families preparing the Iftar for Ramadan.

by Auguste Ovcinikova, Lithuania

Feeding ducks in winter

Every winter my brother and I feed ducks. They make us happy all year long, and when they have nothing to eat, we try to make them happy. Ducks are very cute.

Taking care of our village

by Auksė Valenčiūnaitė and Rokas Valenčiūnas, Grade 5, Vilkaviškis Salomėja Nėris School in Lithuania

We love drawing on stones

by siblings Zander and Jade Louthan, WA, USA

Creating on the beach

by the Williams family, USA

We love traveling together and making beautiful creatures out of sand, each time a new one. It is fun for us but it is also for others to enjoy. Spreading our positivity helps us to share our kindness to the people around us.

Expressions of kindness – family experiences

After being challenged by the Canadian Montessory Academy to participate in the project with expressions of kindness experienced as a family, Vicente's mother introduced laughter therapy, a way of valuing joy and good mood in the community, with artisans from the craft fair of Maputo, thus valuing the local Mozambican traditions.

by Vicente, 8, and his mother Diretora da Canadian Montessory Academy – Maputo e Prof. Doutora Cristiana Madureira, Mozambique

A smile as an expression of kindness

by the Bautista family, Dominican Republic

We decided to take this photo because we were thinking how much happiness and joy a simple hug and a smile can bring. We treat each other with kindness and love.

An act of kindness

by the sisters Yedra and Viviana, 15 years old, Dominican Republic

We are sisters, one of whom is planning to become a teacher, and the other is still a school student. But we are trying to be kind and compassionate to one another, and I love presenting my sister with flowers.

Helping our grandmother

by brothers Kuba, 11 and Mateusz, 6, Poland

We decided to help grandma bake and decorate cakes. It is a very nice experience. You can learn a lot and at the same time your can help your grandmother. And then you can share delicious cakes 🙂

I love my family

by Augustas Jakimcikas and his family, Lithuania

To the children of Ukraine

Wilber and his aunt met at Easter as they live in different cities. Aunt Carla told the boy about this project and he loved the idea of ​​participating. They spoke about the war and about reciting a poem to the children of Ukraine, who are currently going through a very difficult and dramatic time. Wilber wanted to send a positive and encouraging message. The aunt and the boy reviewed different options and chose the one that was recorded. The poem is entitled "The Infinite Sons."

by Wilber, 11, produced together with his aunt Carla, Venezuela

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