How to Submit your Entry

When you are ready to submit, please choose the language form you prefer, and click the button below.

If you experience difficulties with the online submission, then email your entry as an attachment to and include the required information (below). If you want your own photo to be displayed in the gallery of participants, please attach it to the message as well.

  • Title of the project
  • Media Category (Choose from: Arts and Crafts; Photo; Music; Tech Innovations; Videos; Family projects; Group projects, or other)
  • First name, last name and the age of the producer
  • First name, last name and the age of everyone else, if it was a group project
  • Your name and age will be listed next to your project in the Showcase display. Choose the option below to indicate the way in which you wish your name(s) to appear:
    • First name only;
    • First and last name
    • Different variant (only initials of your first and last name; or your first name and the first initial of the last name; or if this is a family project, then you might prefer to be called by your family name).
  • Choose the option below to indicate how you wish to identify the place where you live:
    • Include the name of the city/town/village
    • Include the name of the state/province/region only
    • List the country only
    • Other. Indicate here.
  • Please tell us more about your project with a short statement, no more than 150 words. You might choose to answer the following questions: why you decided to choose the project; what motivated you; what you tried to show, etc.
  • Your email address for communication purposes and a certificate.
  • If you are younger than 18, then your parent/guardian should email us your project and include the Permission Release Form, and sign the message with their full name, date, and email address:

Permission Release Form

I grant permission for my child (or children) to display their project on the International Expressions of Kindness: Multimedia Showcase. I understand my child’s (children’s) media project may be distributed for educational purposes by Action for Media Education. By signing below, I acknowledge that my child is allowed to submit this media project. If this entry contains material originally created by another artist, I also acknowledge that my child has obtained the necessary permissions required to include it here. By submitting this entry I agree that Action for Media Education shall be held harmless from any and all liability arising from distribution of this media project. I understand that if I have questions about any of the above information, I can contact the project organizers by email:

A Sample of the Certificate to be awarded to every participant

For Educators

If you are an educator and you wish to submit more than one project for a group of children or youth, please create your own table similar to the one below. Then fill it out and email it together with all the projects as attachments to Make sure that every project file includes the name of its producer(s).