Age group 3-5 years old

  • Tell about something that you made for your mom’s/dad’s/ brother’s/ sister’s/care provider’s/friend’s birthday.
  • My little brother/sister was crying, and I decided to …
  • I help my mom/dad/care provider by…
  • If my pet or favorite toy could talk, what kind words would I like to hear from them/it?
  • Draw a picture of something that is kind about your friend.
  • I help my pet or friend feel happy by…
  • Draw a picture of something kind you could do or already did for someone you know.
  • Tell what you did that made your mom/dad/ grandparents/ care provider feel happy.
  • What kind words do you use? How do you feel when you use kind words?
  • What is your favorite book? Draw a picture of your favorite character from this book doing something you like most.
  • If you had to create a Kindness Treasure Box, what would you put into it?