Theme 1. AGE GROUP 11-13, teacher Toti Jean-Marc Yalé, EEFY (Education and English For You), Cote d’Ivoire

Theme 2. AGE GROUP 11-13

Theme 3. Age Group 11-13

A workshop of 3 groups has been created for students to share their opinions on a large white paper. They used writing or drawing. Most agreed that to create an atmo-sphere of kindness, they should love each other, be tolerant, provide donations, and forget bad issues. The majority drew a heart as it symbolizes love and remains a real symbol of kindness because you can’t love and at the same time be in conflict with others.

Preparing their opinions and drawings, and then sharing them on this big white poster.

Theme 4. Age Group 11-13

From Toti Jean-Marc Yalé: “I started with explaining the goal of Theme #4 to the students and invited them to share their opinions on how to provide care for their families, community, and elder people. We also discussed different actions that we could take to preserve good relationships in our families and community. The examples of children’s reactions are in these two videos. The students also decided to clean the schoolyard to show their care to the community. What is more, other kids from the community who are not part of our school students joined them too in this operation. It was wonderful! I appreciate this curriculum a lot. All schools in the world must teach it.

Theme 5. Age group 11-13

Theme 6. Age group 11-13

This week the students focused on Theme #6, mostly discussing the topic of Gratitude. Through poems and drawings, they expressed their gratitude to the people that supported them in many differtent ways. From different testimonies, one was especially moving for the teacher. It was from the boy who shared his story, “Since my childhood, I have never seen my dad because he passed away. My mother is the only one who provides us with everything. That’s why, I am feeling so grateful to her today, and this poem is for her.” Students also created the sign of Gratitude demonstrated below.

Theme 7. Age group 11-13

Last week the students gathered together to reflect and act on the theme, “Taking Care or Help People in Crisis.” Many of them were touched by the tragedies in Ukraine and as a result, they composed a poem and drew posters, No To War or Stop the War in Ukraine. They also shared their experiences related to the topic. For example, “When my mom was sick, I was at her side to help her;” “When my classmate fell sick, I visited him at his house, just to express my support;” “I donated the clothes that I didn’t use as gift to the orphanage to support my friend there.” At the end of the class, they all stood up and put their right hand on their chest to express their love to the children in the world, and especially to those in Ukraine. 

From Toti: ” Dear Tatyana and Amy. All my students along with me, would like to express our gratitude in this project where we learned a lot about Kindness. We discovered many things that are impacting the behavior of the majority of my students. Merci infiniment.”

Theme 1. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

During the last week, Mr. Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre worked with his students on the first Theme, titled “Cheering up or entertaining others.” He wrote down the theme on the blackboard and invited his students to share their opinions on thsi topic. The students’ responses are similar because for the children cheering up others means sharing love, respect, and encouragement. It also means helping others and being friendly. After the students wrote down how they felt about the topic, they discussed it together with the teacher.

Theme 2. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

The teacher asked his students to create any kind of drawing that expresses kindness. Looking at the drawings above and below, we can see some people helping other people; leading a peaceful life together with many others in the same place; stopping the car to support a beggar on the road, and simply spending time together to prevent loneliness.

Theme 3. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

Students were asked to draw or write something related to the theme. For this activity, they used their slates. Many drew flowers and hearts as symbols of kindness.  

Theme 4. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

Students were asked to share their ideas of compassion. Many spoke about helping their grandparents and other seniors to cross the road, carry heavy luggage or do grocery shopping. 

Theme 5. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

Theme 6. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

Theme 7. Primary School, Cote d’Ivoire, Ahua Kanga Kouassi Jean Pierre

Themes #1 & 2. Teacher KOUITY GUEU, Cote d’Ivoire

Theme 1. Age group: 11-13, Anthonia Imudia-omoregbe school librarian, Nigeria