Mini-Kindness Boost Example. Theme #2 “Creating Objects of Beauty through Aesthetics and Nature.” 4-10 years of age

What does kindness look like? How does kindness feel? 

Time: 5-10 minutes

Steps: Do this activity when you have at least 10 consecutive minutes and 5 minutes at another time of the day.

Teacher-Generated Lesson Idea: Leave the classroom 10 minutes early before a natural transition, like lunch. Take the class outside to sit or lay on the grass, below a tree, or in a garden on school grounds for silent reflection and observation. Note: It is not recommended that food be part of this activity as it might be too distracting.

Student-Generated Lesson Idea: Ask students: What is one way that we can take a break and enjoy something beautiful or in nature that is in or outside our school right now? Please share an idea with a partner.

Ask students to share ideas with the group and determine which idea works using typical classroom procedures. NOTE: If the weather is poor there might be an indoor place where there is artwork that might work or, there might be a piece of classical music the students could listen to with their heads down on their desks or the lights off.

Implement the teacher-generated lesson idea or the student-generated lesson idea.

After students complete the action, ask them questions using the following prompts: How did this activity help you feel more relaxed or more peaceful? What did you notice through your eyes and ears and how did that made you feel? Did taking a break like this help you? Why or why not? What would the world be like if everyone had a break like this every day? Why is it good to take care of yourself by being kind to yourself with breaks where you see, hear, or experience something beautiful or that is in nature?

Share and discuss as time allows.